Try our prototype


Try it out! begins here. We took Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood and simplified it for language learners, sticking to the original line by line. Read the whole fairy tale here! If you don’t understand a word, just click for translations and tips, add it to your vocabulary list, then review all the words you’ve collected (click the arrow at the right of the page). Prototype FAQ

Das Rotkäppchen Video

Are you a visual person? We’ve created Rotkäppchen as a video too! Watch a trailer on YouTube here.

The full DVD may be purchased here on Amazon Create Space (DVD format NTSC for the US market).

Soon we’ll be offering an e-book and a dedicated vocabulary trainer using the sentences in Rotkäppchen. If you want to be informed once these or our other language learning products become available, sign up for our newsletter here.

Learn more about how films in general can be used in the classroom: