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StoryPlanet.de is all about empowering German students of all ages with engaging content and useful technology to facilitate learning. We also aim to make teachers’ lives easier! Explore our current products for use in the classroom and beyond – plus our tips on how to use them.

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Teachers can get the DVD here. Schools, districts and libraries, please send an e-mail to info@storyplanet.de

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Teachers can download the video here. Schools, districts and libraries, please send an e-mail to info@storyplanet.de



Free resources for Rotkäppchen


Click here for downloadable materials that go along with the video. Further details at the bottom of this page.

Resources in English

Resources in German

Using StoryPlanet with your class

At the moment, StoryPlanet is just getting started. Our first story is Rotkäppchen and there are a cluster of materials around it that demonstrate what we aim to provide for other stories in the future: highly effective tools for reading activities that bring together text, dictionary and personalized vocabulary training in a single environment.


We are offering our first product, the Rotkäppchen L-Book as we call it, for free on this platform (see the “Prototype” section). If your students have internet access, they can read the whole text there and look up any words they don’t know, ideally on a tablet or larger screen.

Used in groups or pairs, students can add words as they read out loud to each other, and then review the vocabulary in the learning list as a team.


The Rotkäppchen text can also be used for homework. You can ask students to learn all the words in a chapter – and it won’t be that hard for them since they can look up all the words and phrases with a simple click.


In the future, we’re even planning teacher feedback options so students can’t pretend they’ve read something they haven’t – you’ll know exactly how much time they’ve spent reading and practicing vocabulary.

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Get students reading and learning on their own time!

We know it’s hard to get students excited about reading in German. That’s a big part of why we started StoryPlanet. As we see it, there are two major obstacles that prevent students from enjoying German texts.

Why students don’t read in German

1. Perceived difficulty of reading

On one hand, flipping through a traditional dictionary (or even typing in a digital one) can get tiresome very quick. On the other hand, students will have trouble understanding a text if they don’t look up enough words. It’s a hard balance to find.


2. Insufficient vocabulary

Isn’t this the same reason they don’t read Shakespeare for fun? The vocabulary offered by the standard curriculum is not sufficient for fluent reading. One needs at least a couple thousand words to read reasonably well. By exposing students to lots and lots of vocabulary in texts that interest and engage them, they’ll also pick up a lot of grammar intuitively. Then it will just come second nature to them to say “Ich freue mich auf das Lesen” (without even breaking their heads over whether auf should take the dative here).


These two problems should be addressed together – that’s where StoryPlanet comes in.

With StoryPlanet, reading is no longer a chore because students can simply click on words to see their translation and also get some very useful information, which they can explore if they want to. Then, they can add these terms to a vocabulary list for practice and memorization, helping them develop a much broader vocabulary than what they could get from textbooks.


We’re also planning solutions for teachers to monitor students’ use of StoryPlanet: how much they use it, how many words they’ve mastered, and much more. Make it a game! Give bonus points to the students with the biggest vocabulary by the end of a grading period.


Reading is the fastest way to build up passive vocabulary. And we believe StoryPlanet is the best way to activate those words and really boost your students’ fluency and reading comprehension skills. Try it here.

Teacher materials for Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner – in English & German

Have you purchased our Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner DVD? Then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a range of classroom and homework materials to help simplify your lesson planning.


All materials are available as a free download, and they are divided into four components:

  • a Teacher Guide for three levels (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced), which contain a short walk-through for all homework and classwork
  • In-class exercise sheets
  • Homework sheets
  • Rotkäppchen texts (e.g. film transcript, original 1850 version)

Covering nearly all learning levels, the classroom and homework materials make the video easy to use, even for beginning teachers.

The following level-specific materials are available:

  • Novice (A1-A2): Focus on comprehension (reading, listening), simple grammar (Präsens), vocabulary building
  • Intermediate (A2-B1): Focus on production (speaking, writing), introduction to Märchen as a genre
  • Advanced (B1-B2): Focus on a deeper investigation of the genre, comparison with the original, cross-language mediation (translation)

Experienced teachers may choose to adapt the prepared materials as they please or create their own materials from the transcript and other texts provided.


Click below for the materials you need: 

If you have any questions about the materials or you would like to order the Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner DVD, please contact us at info@L-Pub.de


Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner


“Die Schulpremiere von 'Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner' war ein absoluter Hit! Die Schüler und Schülerinnen waren vollkommen begeistert von der Qualität der Animation und dem Design. Sie fanden die Stimme sehr angenehm und leicht verständlich, und die Farbwahl und die Übergänge in der Geschichte sehr gelungen. Also - ein Erfolg!”


Kira Fuchs, Teacher, Highland Hall Waldorf School, Los Angeles