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"A foreign language. It feels like another planet."  

"Stories. We lose ourselves in them as they carry us to other worlds." 


StoryPlanet combines the best of both – personalized language learning based
on immersive content that empowers us to cross new borders.


StoryPlanet takes the power of cutting edge technology and infuses it with the best form of communication since the beginning of time – storytelling – to revolutionize the way we learn languages.


Read, listen and watch original content in the language you are learning and get instant translations of anything you don’t understand – just by tapping. You choose the content, the media and the pace.


An idea becomes a project. A project that grows wings and takes off, because more and more people share the vision. The project then becomes a product, even several products – each manifesting a key component of the overall vision. That’s where we are right now.


StoryPlanet is an initiative of L-Pub, a company made up of passionate language learners, teachers, marketers and programmers, all united by a vision to help make learning foreign languages more enjoyable, effective and personalized.

Are you an investor?

StoryPlanet has already generated considerable interest in the public and university sectors. Join the story, and find out what role you can play.
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Are you a publisher? Or do you offer services for the publishing sector?

StoryPlanet is an attractive new trade channel for books, e-books and other media offers. We are also looking for cooperation partners with e-commerce solutions, e-reading platforms, and/or an international distribution network. 
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Are you a journalist/blogger?

StoryPlanet is just beginning to take off. We currently need to generate publicity to get key stakeholders on board. Very soon, we′ll also need to create buzz for new products we′re bringing to market. Are you writing for the field of publishing, technology, investing or startups? 
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Are you a language teacher?

Encourage your students to explore the target language outside the classroom – with entertaining and engaging content. Share with us the books you use in your classes and help us optimize our products by becoming an advisor or editor. 
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Are you a language learner?

StoryPlanet is designed to help you get the most out of reading and language learning. We are curious to find out which languages you are learning and how you currently go about building your language skills. We are also looking for beta testers for diverse StoryPlanet components. 
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Do you represent a language school, institute or association?

We believe StoryPlanet is an ideal way to complement the valuable services you provide. Our goal is to provide language students with entertaining opportunities to immerse themselves in the target language outside of the classroom. Some of our tools are also highly suitable for use in the classroom. We are looking for cooperation partners who share our passion for stories and want to help us develop and share our tools. 
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Are you a bookseller?

Language learners buy books, audiobooks, textbooks, dictionaries. They are a unique customer group that StoryPlanet would like to drive to local booksellers: to buy your products, attend your readings, as well as to connect with other learners and teachers in your network. We are currently also looking for partner bookstores to act as sales channels in diverse markets around the world. 
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Are you a librarian?

Not everyone who wants to learn a foreign language can afford to buy extra books or the technology required to use sophisticated self-study tools. Many of the books recommended on StoryPlanet are available in libraries, and we would like to refer local readers to make use of them. 
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Are you a writer/storyteller?

Hop onto the StoryPlanet, and make your work accessible across all kinds of linguistic borders. We are looking for editors, copywriters, contributing authors, translators and reviewers. 
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Are you a software developer?

StoryPlanet is a rapidly growing project with an exciting future, and a core team of seasoned programmers. If you are looking for an inspiring new working atmosphere and a fresh challenge, get in touch. 
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Would you like to become a reviewer?

We are especially looking for learners and teachers to join the StoryPlanet community and review their favorite books for language learning (not textbooks). All it requires is a passion for languages...and storytelling! Please feel free to write the reviews in your mother tongue. 
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