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StoryPlanet is a project initiated by steelecht GmbH, a limited liability company based in the Rhine-Main region of Germany – home of the printing press, the Brothers Grimm, Anne Frank and many other icons of storytelling history. Owned by U.S.-born David P. Steel, the company is dedicated to the development, management and production of storytelling content told across a variety of media and languages.


While much of our current operating income comes from writing and translating texts for diverse companies, the vision for StoryPlanet arose because we are:

Passionate language learners 
Everyone currently working at steelecht has lived in more than one country. All of us are also fluent in more than just our mother tongue. We know what it means to learn a foreign language – what works, what doesn’t, and why a solution like StoryPlanet is desperately needed on the market.


Passionate readers 
We are story junkies. We read, listen to and watch stories every chance we get and love to get into discussions about them. We know the power of a good story to transport us into new worlds, open our minds to new perspectives and, yes, help us learn new languages. We′ve done it. It works. Avid readers learn faster, deeper and more sustainably than those who don′t. It′s obvious why, isn′t it? You not only expose yourself to masses of vocabulary and language structure, you also let your defenses fall, and all that language pours directly into your fertile subconscious to take root and grow.


Passionate language teachers 
There are three certified English teachers on our core team. Our joint experience fuels the development of the StoryPlanet concept and methodology. And just to make sure we don′t lose touch with the hands-on practice of teaching, we′ve all started offering courses again: context-based and immersive. It also gives us the opportunity to test various StoryPlanet learning tenets. If you live or work in Offenbach, check out our current course offerings here: www.ofcourse.city


Passionate writers 
This has to do with the nature of steelecht′s core business – international communication. Whether writing stories, voice-overs, press releases, lyrics, adcopy or social media posts...we know good storytelling. Some of us are also published writers, eager to explore new ways to reach new audiences. In fact, this was the spark that led to the original idea for StoryPlanet.


Passionate marketers 
steelecht founder David P. Steel has been working in the field of marketing for over 20 years: as a writer, editor, translator and media producer, and increasingly as a strategic consultant for the company′s many clients. We love the process of thoroughly understanding a wide range of target groups in order to develop highly differentiated communication across all relevant media. This experience and passion also drives the development of StoryPlanet as it grows from being an idea, to becoming a brand with a range of interrelated products.


Passionate editors 
Editing is a core competence at steelecht. Everyday, we are editing texts and translations for our clients. We edit texts that others have written, but we also check over each other′s work on a regular basis – it is a best practice we have been following ever since the company was founded in 2005. This level of editorial dedication sets us apart as a service provider, but also ideally positions us to cover many of the tasks associated with StoryPlanet: editing reviews, setting up guidelines for text submissions, coaching writers, constantly optimizing our own marketing texts, repurposing presentations, fine-tuning our positioning, the list goes on...


Passionate translators 
One of the basic tenets of StoryPlanet is that you will learn a foreign language faster and more confidently if you can get translations of anything you don′t understand into your own language. Many language learning methods which were popular in the 20th century would disapprove of the use of translation as an instruction tool. We think it′s time to review this stance. Our own experience as successful language learners – and translators – is proof to the contrary. Recent studies argue that translation can indeed be a very effective aide in language instruction.


Passionate booksellers 
Two steelecht employees are also booksellers. One even works part-time in a local book store. They bring in key competences to the StoryPlanet project: they know books, how to review them, how to categorize them by genre, and how to help customers find the book they are looking for. We also recognize the important role of booksellers for a reading society and strive to include them as partners in the development of StoryPlanet wherever possible.


Passionate programmers 
Qualified coders have the luxury of being able to pick and choose where they invest their talents. Our programmers have worked for major companies and institutes on complex and demanding projects that helped them hone their skills, but did not necessarily spark their passion. steelecht and the StoryPlanet project offer a stimulating platform for programmers to develop a new technology with exciting potential for growth. Yes, StoryPlanet is growing, too, so if you speak code and are looking for a new job, let’s talk. 
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Are you an investor?

StoryPlanet has already generated considerable interest in the public and university sectors. Join the story, and find out what role you can play.
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Are you a publisher? Or do you offer services for the publishing sector?

StoryPlanet is an attractive new trade channel for books, e-books and other media offers. We are also looking for cooperation partners with e-commerce solutions, e-reading platforms, and/or an international distribution network. 
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Are you a journalist/blogger?

StoryPlanet is just beginning to take off. We currently need to generate publicity to get key stakeholders on board. Very soon, we′ll also need to create buzz for new products we′re bringing to market. Are you writing for the field of publishing, technology, investing or startups? 
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Are you a language teacher?

Encourage your students to explore the target language outside the classroom – with entertaining and engaging content. Share with us the books you use in your classes and help us optimize our products by becoming an advisor or editor. 
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Are you a language learner?

StoryPlanet is designed to help you get the most out of reading and language learning. We are curious to find out which languages you are learning and how you currently go about building your language skills. We are also looking for beta testers for diverse StoryPlanet components. 
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Do you represent a language school, institute or association?

We believe StoryPlanet is an ideal way to complement the valuable services you provide. Our goal is to provide language students with entertaining opportunities to immerse themselves in the target language outside of the classroom. Some of our tools are also highly suitable for use in the classroom. We are looking for cooperation partners who share our passion for stories and want to help us develop and share our tools. 
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Are you a bookseller?

Language learners buy books, audiobooks, textbooks, dictionaries. They are a unique customer group that StoryPlanet would like to drive to local booksellers: to buy your products, attend your readings, as well as to connect with other learners and teachers in your network. We are currently also looking for partner bookstores to act as sales channels in diverse markets around the world. 
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Are you a librarian?

Not everyone who wants to learn a foreign language can afford to buy extra books or the technology required to use sophisticated self-study tools. Many of the books recommended on StoryPlanet are available in libraries, and we would like to refer local readers to make use of them. 
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Are you a writer/storyteller?

Hop onto the StoryPlanet, and make your work accessible across all kinds of linguistic borders. We are looking for editors, copywriters, contributing authors, translators and reviewers. 
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Are you a software developer?

StoryPlanet is a rapidly growing project with an exciting future, and a core team of seasoned programmers. If you are looking for an inspiring new working atmosphere and a fresh challenge, get in touch. 
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Would you like to become a reviewer?

We are especially looking for learners and teachers to join the StoryPlanet community and review their favorite books for language learning (not textbooks). All it requires is a passion for languages...and storytelling! Please feel free to write the reviews in your mother tongue. 
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