Get students reading and learning vocabulary beyond the standard curriculum


It’s hard to get students excited about reading in German. Part of the problem is that the vocabulary offered by the standard curriculum is not sufficient for fluent reading. These two problems (perceived difficulty + insufficient vocab) should be addressed together.


With StoryPlanet, reading is no longer a chore because students can simply click on words to see their translation and L2 definition. They can add these terms to a vocab list for practice and memorization, helping them develop a much broader vocabulary than what you find in textbooks.


We’re also planning solutions for teachers to monitor students’ use of StoryPlanet: how much they use it, how many words they’ve mastered, and much more. Make it a game! Give bonus points to the students who build up the biggest vocabulary by the end of the grading period.


We think StoryPlanet is an optimal way to build passive vocabulary and give your students’ fluency and reading comprehension a real boost.


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