Maximize the fun of learning with StoryPlanet


We know everyone just loves German grammar! But what’s really the most important factor in fluency and comprehension? Vocabulary! (And learning lots of it.) Particularly the vocabulary you need as an individual.


StoryPlanet helps you read the stories and texts that interest you – making German easier to read and helping you build vocabulary in the process. Just tap an unfamiliar word to get a translation as well as the definition in German. You can even save those words to a learning list to practice when you’re not reading.


StoryPlanet is a great way to increase your word power both within and outside your field. Language does not have to be a barrier to good grades and an active social life – make it your strength.


Plus you’ll be absorbing heaps of German grammar on the fly…and before you know it, it will be second nature for you to know when an adjective ends in -em, -es, -en or just -e.




Read our prototype to see how it works for yourself


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Do you have to read a lot in textbooks and print outs? vobot is our iOS app that lets you type in German words and create vocabulary lists to practice with in a highly interactive way. Check it out!


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